5 Reasons Why Reviews are Important for Hotel Management Software

Reviews play a very important role in deciding which software is the best. Here are five amazing reasons which will help in deciding the best hotel management software.

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  • 2018-08-16

How Technology Has Simplified Communication In Hotels

Technology has changed everything about our lifestyle. It has brought a whole new dimension to communication for hoteliers. Check the impacts of technology in hotel Communication here.

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  • 2018-07-27

How Feedback Systems Can Boost Your Hotel Business

To constantly provide top-notch services to your guests, hoteliers need to keep evaluating their services. An advanced feedback system serves as a blessing for this very purpose.

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  • 2018-07-23

How Hoteliers can Enhance Guest Experience with Voice Assistants.

Voice technology is all set to make some noise in the hospitality industry! Here are a few ways Voice assistants can add a "Wow" factor to your guest experience.

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  • 2018-06-21

5 Key Elements to Rank Higher on OTAs and Increase Bookings

OTAs can help you a to expand your reach, increase your online visibility and ultimately gather more revenue.

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  • 2018-06-18

Tests And Trials Faced By Hoteliers And Their Solutions

Hoteliers face many regular and irregular challenges which halt their business growth. Here are a few commonplace challenges which are faced by all kinds of hoteliers, and a few tips to deal effectively with them.

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  • 2018-06-11

What Do Hoteliers Gain By Encouraging Direct Bookings.

It is wise to encourage direct bookings on your hotel website by integrating a booking engine on it.

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  • 2018-05-31

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