How Feedback Systems Can Boost Your Hotel Business

Successful enterprises build their own reputation with consistent improvement and analysis of their product and services. And constant growth and development only begin when you learn how you are faring in the current position. For this very reason, feedback and reviews are the tools to utilize to set you apart from all the regular hotels. Hospitality being a sector bursting with activity 24/7 where no two days are similar, it becomes even more important to listen to your customers and know how you can enhance your services and guest satisfaction.

There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you've been in the business.

-Oscar De La Hoya

Here are a few benefits you gain by making use of an advanced feedback system

Pure iEcho - Feedback system

1. It Enhances Staff Engagement

Regular feedback will have many positive impacts on your hotel staff. You can collect feedback for various different departments like the kitchen or the room service to know which department served the best and analyze which department needs improvement. It will also please your staff to know that their services are being appreciated and they will work better as a team to provide even better services everytime they set out to serve. After all, hospitality is a group business, made amazing by team efforts.

2. Improves Individual Performance

Everyone loves to feel appreciated. Everyone includes your employee too. If they get regular feedback on their performances, it will motivate them to perform better. There will also be room for constructive criticism, which will help them identify how they can serve better and peak their performances. It will also make them accountable for their actions and impact the quality of their tasks in a positive way.

3. Identify The Problems

Feedback and reviews also help to identify underlining issues which need to be taken care of. It often happens that we overlook a few problems that can be improved with our services. At times like this knowing your guests perspective will do you a lot of good in improving your services. Ultimately, the guests are the one who decides how good your services are and constant feedbacks are one way to know their views.

4. It Helps You Promote Your Popular Services

By taking constant feedback about your amenities and services you can easily determine which of your services are the best or which attracts the most guests. It could be your pool services or your heart-capturing interiors. You can also know which of your services needs refurbishing or are to be dropped down completely. By offering your guests more and better facilities as per their preferences, you easily promote your services and encourage guest loyalty.

5. Establish Yourself As A Brand That Cares

By taking the feedback, you not only improve your services, but you also get to establish yourself as a brand which cares. Customers feel important and they feel heard. They feel that you value their opinion. And they would love coming back to you.

Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let people see you value both feedback and ideas.

- Jim Trinka And Les Wallace

These are a few ways feedback system can be used for the improvement of the services by the hospitality industry. Apart from the hospitality, many other businesses can make use of the feedback systems like academic institutes like schools and universities, e-commerce business, restaurant businesses or almost everyone who wants to constantly improve their services and emerge as a winner.

We at Pure ITES provide complete set of hospitality solutions. We offer Pure iEcho which is an advanced feedback system which can be easily integrated with your hotel management system. We take care of all your hospitality management needs.

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