How Hoteliers can Enhance Guest Experience with Voice Assistants.

Voice technology is on a rise. Just like every other technological advancement, voice technology has also started to make its own noise in the hospitality industry. It may sound futuristic to some, but voice technology has started making its way into the hospitality business. Voice Assistants will soon become the norm of the day and the sooner hoteliers become receptive towards the voice technology, the better chances they will have to maintain a thriving business when voice technology gains prominence.

Hotel PMS voice assistance


-Voice assistants will simplify guest interaction by guiding guests from one area to different area in the hotel. They can efficiently provide directions to the pools or restaurants of the hotel. Guests can explore the hotel at their convenience with the help of voice assistants.

-The hoteliers can give enrich their guests' liberty by allowing them to order house-keeping services, in-room dining services, and room services and call the front desk without raising a finger by using Voice Assistants. These commands will be directly linked to the hotel PMS and POS systems to keep accurate logs of the orders.

-The guests can make use of the voice assistants to switch off lights in their rooms, adjusting the temperatures and for any practical adjustments they want in their rooms. This will improve the quality of the guest service by tenfold.

-Various entertainment sources like television and personal music and movie streaming sources like guests own Netflix accounts can be accessed easily in the hotels by speaking to voice assistants which will delight the guests.

-The voice assistants are programmed to speak and recognize multiple languages which bridge the language gap (if any) between guests and the hotel staff. This will allow the hoteliers to provide a more familiar and personal guest experience.

-Numerous queries about the weather, special tourist attractions near the hotel, availability of services or any service requirements from the hotels can be requested by using voice assistants. This will increase the speed of services tremendously.

These are but a few ways in which voice technology can be useful for enriching your guest experience and increasing the efficiency of your hotel. Time has come that hoteliers begin adapting the Voice technology in their Hotel Management System. With technology evolving at the speed of light, no service is too futuristic.

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