How Technology Has Simplified Communication In Hotels

Excellent Communication is an indispensable key to success in the hospitality industry. Hospitality is a people-oriented industry. And the ability to communicate effortlessly is what distinguishes humans from the animals. Therefore good communication between guests and the hoteliers is imperative for both. It assists hoteliers in creating a comfortable ambiance and enriched experiences for their guests and makes the guests feel at home for all the good vibes they get when they can easily share their needs to the hotel staff. Technology has transformed communication completely, and it has made a far-reaching impact in the hospitality industry as well.

Let's glance at a few ways technology has simplified communication in the hotel industry:

Hotel Technology

1. Voice Assistants are the new best friends

Voice Assistants have taken the hotel industry by a storm. The talking technology has been the talk of the town everywhere. Hoteliers are making ample use of it to provide a fully automated guest experience. Whichever services the guests need, they can be ordered by speaking to the Voice assistants. They can contact any department they want to, be it house-keeping, the kitchen or the front office without lifting a finger. All they have to do is just speak and it will be provided! Voice technology has provided a whole new dimension to communication. It's so simple and quick, it's almost like magic!

2. Chatbots and Mobile Apps are the in-Things

The funny thing about millennials is that they want everything under their control. Hence they prefer self-service. Chatbots and dedicated hotel apps have become very important for this very reason. Chatbots are present on almost every hotel booking website these days. So the communication begins even before they book a place at your hotel. Chatbots provide instant answers to users of your websites which helps because nobody likes waiting. Apps can be easily installed on the phones. They can be used to make the best offers and even offer personalized deals to your loyal guests. Smartphone-enabled access to rooms is also becoming the norm of the day.

3. Social Media is still ruling the roost

Social media is never going to be irrelevant for communication. Every hotelier strives to create a strong online presence in this internet-powered world. They even adopt social listening tools which enable them to track what people are saying about them. Staying connected to people on social media has become indispensable. Social media can serve as a very relevant marketing tool to inform people for new launches of products. People often share their hotel experiences online and even share their reviews there. Social media is ruling a roost easily by providing a huge audience base for business out there.

In spite of so many means of communication, emails still provide the highest conversions. So Hoteliers should focus on making the most out of their emails. No matter how advanced we get, nothing can beat the warmth of the human voice, a warm, and a gracious smile.

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