Simple yet Effective Ways to Welcome NRIs to your Hotels.

We are celebrating the 15th NRI day by exploring the role of Indian Diaspora in building a better India.

India has the highest amount of Diaspora living all over the world. there are tremendous opportunities to picture them in the growth of our country.

One major way they can contribute to our country's development is by promoting tourism in India.

Hoteliers can encourage NRI tourists creating NRI-Friendly Hotel Experience.

Nri To Hotels


Places Rich in Indian Culture is major attractions.

Our country has many diverse places brimming with tales of our rich culture. Our history has given us many pride-inducing monuments and places.

NRIs and other Indians who are now citizens of foreign countries are interested in learning about our rich culture.

If your hotel is near any such place which helps the diaspora of our nation connect with their love for our country and feel the connection to their roots, then, by all means, promote them.

Bring them home to the feeling of love, peace, and pride for their country.

Modern Places attract the Millennial.

When Multi-generation families visit India, the millennials crave for the modern hi-tech places they are used to.

Beaches are major attractions for the millennials.

Technology also attracts them.

From free-wifi to latest in-room technologies, your young guests expect a complete streamlined technology experience on their stay at the hotels.

They are Experience-Driven.

NRIs visiting India are often experience-driven. Within a short amount of time, they want to explore a lot.

If you offer them unique hotel experiences, they are bound to stay and even be back for more.

Focusing on providing them with unique guest experiences is one of the best moves to promote your business to them.

Their Safety Should be a Priority.

It often happens that people visiting India from foreign countries aren't given the best of the treatments.

If you want NRIs and other foreign visitors enjoy their stay with you, make sure that you take care of their security.

Welcome them with trust, faith, and security.

Pure ITES wishes you a very happy NRI Day! May your hotels have increased Occupancy!

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