Tourism in India and its impacts in the hospitality sector.

25th January is observed as the National Tourism Day in India.

It a step to promote and encourage tourism in our country filled with cultural heritage, and vibrant history we have.

"Atithi Devo Bhavo" has been the code of conduct of our honorable nation since ancient times.

Tourism in India is growing at a tremendous rate with 8.36 million foreign tourist arrivals in 2018.

Tourism has grown beautifully in India in the last few years. It has also given wings to the hospitality sector of our country.

It is also a significant source of employment in our country. In fact, tourism gives up to 8% of total employment in our country.

Tourism is also an important revenue generator for popular tourist attractions and places of natural beauty like the Andaman and Nicobar.

It has created prominent impacts in the hospitality industry.

Here are the key impacts of tourism in the hospitality industry of our country:

Tourism in India and its impacts in the hospitality sector.

1. International Exposure:

The growth of tourism in India has paved way for international exposure to the hotels and restaurants of our country.

As visitors come to our country from different parts of the world, our restaurants and hotels offer services to meet up with their cultural requirements and expectations as well.

Our hospitality sector has adopted technology with open arms. Online Hotel reservations system, digitalized hotel experiences and world-class technological gadgets in the hotels have impressed national as well as international all the same.

2. Employment Generation:

Tourism has generated many employment opportunities in the service industry.

Hospitality is among the major sectors of the service industry and it has progressed a lot in the past few years due to the increased frequency of travelers.

It includes interstate tourists as well as international ones.

3. Revenue Booster.

It is quite evident that tourism raised our employment rates and therefore increased the revenues of our country.

Similarly, the growth of tourism in our country will hopefully continue to grow in our country and bring in higher and higher revenues for the hospitality industry.

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